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Rural Potable Water Servicing Agreement

Part of Policy #UT01

 Please fill in your contact information as completely and accurately as possible. Hereinafter, this information constitutes the "Owner."

This agreement dated as recorded 


Saddle Hills County

Junction of Highway 49 and Highway 725

RR#1, Spirit River, AB T0H 3Go

(hereinafter the "County")




the "Owner"

1. The County Agrees to provide a water connection service to the property herein desribed above.


2. The County's and Owner's obligations are as stipulated in Bylaw 346-2019, Water and Wastewater Systems Bylaw, a copy of which is available from the County and shall be reviewed by the Owner prior to applying for a Water Service Connection.


3. The rates applicable to the Water Service Connection are contained in the County Master Rates Bylaw, and are summarized as follows:

a. $10,000.00 - Fee at the time of supply or distribution line installation

b. $15,000.00 - Fee after the supply or distribution line installation

5. If the Owner selects payment options 4.b or 4.c the payments can be made over a 5-year term with the minimum monthly payments as follows:

a. For a $10,000.00 connection fee - $177.47

b. For a $15,000.00 connection fee - $266.21


6. If the Owner selects payment option 4.b or 4.c:

a. The owner shall pay an annual administration fee of 2.5% on the outstanding amount of the connection fee;

b. if monthly payments are selected, they will commence once the meter or curb stop is installed;

c. the owner will have an encumberance registered as a caveat on their land title; and

the owner shall be able to pay any amount of the outstanding fee at any time during the 5-year term with no penalty, however there will be no discount on the administration fee. 


7. The County will supply the water meter free of charge and will install the meter inside the structure connected to the water service, OR the Owner has the option to request the installation of a water meter in a water meter chamber outside the structure at a cost of $5,511.71. Please indicate your preference:

Definition of a Water Meter Chamber:

"a structure similar to a culvert, buried ten feet vertical in the ground which contains a water meter, backflow preventer and valves to provide a municipal water connection below frost level in an outside environment."


8. The Owner shall pay the full cost of the supply and installation of the water meter chamber, in which the full cost shall be paid up front.


9. The Owner shall be charged a metered water use rate of $4.00 per cubic meter. 


10. Any amount of the connection fee and/or the metered water use that becomes delinquent will be added to the tax roll for the Owner's parcel of land and be collected as a tax owing to the county in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Government Act


The parties have signed this Agreement and certify that the service installation and costs for services are understood and accepted.


Notice of Collection

Protection of Privacy - The personal information requested on this form is collected under the authority of Section 33 (c) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be protected under Part 2 of that Act. It will be used for the purpose of ensuring eligibility for water service connection, and facilitating the connection of rural water services. Upon appointment, your identifying information may be released to the general public. Direct any questions about this collection to:  FOIP Coordinator, Saddle Hills County, RR 1, Spirit River, Alberta, Canada, T0H 3G0, 1-888-864-3760.