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Snow Plow Agreement

Saddle Hills County

This agreement is made on the above date between 

Saddle Hills County (Hereinafter called the "County") 



The Owner


WHEREAS, the "Owner", purchaser, or renter of the aforementioned lands.

WHEREAS, the Owner desires the County to snow plow their private driveway when such driveway becomes impassable or hazardous due to snow conditions.

NOW THEREFORE, the County and the Owner for the consideration hereinafter names, agree as follows:

(1) The County agree to snowplow the private driveway of the Owner when so requested by the owner, however it shall be understood that such snowplowing shall be undertaken at the discretion of the County and only after the public roads and highways have been cleared of snow to the satisfaction of the County. 


(2) (a) The Owner hereby agrees to pay the County a sum of $50 plus GST per snow plow which will be billed with a monthly invoice. 

(b) The Owner hereby agrees that placing the flag at the entrance of the driveway will indicate they wish to have their driveway plowed by the County, which will be limited to one pass in and one pass out. 

(c) The Owner hereby agrees that incoives outstanding more than 60 days will be transferred to the respective property tax rolls and the snow plow agreement will be terminated. 


(3) The Owner hereby covenants and agrees that they will at all times indemnify and save harmless the County, its servants, agents, and employees from and against all loss, damage, or injury however caused, which may at any time during the continuance of this Agreement occur to any person or the property of any person invluding the Owner. 


(4) The County shall have the right to refuse to snowplow any private driveway that in the opinion of the snowplow operator will be hazardous or unsafe to snow plow. 


(5) The Owner hereby agrees that one flag will be kept in their possession for the year, although at all times it remains the property of the County. 

(6) The above (1), (2a), (2b), and (2c) of this agreement are not applicable to seniors of the disabled. 


IN WITNESS THEREOF, this agreement has been duly executed by the parties hereto. 


SIGNED in the presence of:



Notice of Collection

Protection of Privacy - The personal information requested on this form is collected under the authority of Section 33 (c) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be protected under Part 2 of that Act. It will be used for the purpose of arranging for the duties described herein. Direct any questions about this collection to:  FOIP Coordinator, Saddle Hills County, RR 1, Spirit River, Alberta, Canada, T0H 3G0, 1-888-864-3760.