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Child Care Subsidy Program

 Please read either Policy AD 39 or AD40 before completing this form.

Instructions: Please thoroughly review, complete, and sign the Child Care Subsidy Application package, (and include all applicable documentation) and return to the program representative. For questions regarding application, please call the County office at (780) 864-3760.

Saddle Hills County understands the expenses associated with returning to work with young children and is subsidizing eligible families to make it worthwhile for its residents to return to work. The Child Care Subsidy Program is managed within either of two programs: the Resident Program or the Non-Resident Employee Program. Please ensure your review Policy AD39 and Policy AD40 to determine your eligibility.

General Program Criteria

  1. The subsidy is paid on a per hour per child basis up to the monthly cap rate, as per the Master Rates Bylaw.
  2. It is the Child Care Provider’s responsibility to provide the “Hours of Care” by day, the “Total Hours of Care” for the claim period and the “Total Receipt for Care Amount Received by the Child Care Provider”.
  3. It is Child Care Provider’s responsibility to sign and date a new “Receipt for Care Summary” form for each Claim Period.
  4. It is the Child Care Provider’s responsibility to report earnings in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency.
  5. Childcare can be provided within or outside of the County’s boundaries by either public or private Child Care Providers.
  6. The Child Care Provider can be a relative, as long as they are not a parent, guardian, or sibling residing in the same home as the child.
  7. County residents operating as Child Care Providers can receive the subsidy for their own eligible children, but only for as many total hours that they care for other eligible children.

The current rates that have been set as per the Master Rates Bylaw are as follows:
$2.50/hour/child up to a maximum of $420/month/child

All Child Care Providers and children must be on the Applicant’s file to approve monthly “Receipt for Care Summary” forms. Additional Child Care Providers or children may be added by completing a separate “Additional Child Care Provider” or “Additional Child” form.
Child Care Subsidy Program Procedure:

  1. All new applicants will be contacted by the Child Care Subsidy Program Representative to complete the subsidy application process.
  2. Once the application is filled out and approved, the applicant can begin recording childcare hours on the approved Receipt for Care Summary forms.
  3. Required Receipt for Care form must be signed by the Child Care Provider and applicant before submission to the Child Care Subsidy Representative. Submissions are due on or before the 5th of the following month. Please note that forms submitted late will not be processed if the claim summary information has been forwarded to the Payroll Coordinator already, and claims will not be carried over to the following month.
  4. Monthly claims will be processed by the Payroll Coordinator for direct deposit payment only on the 15th of the month.